Frequently Asked Questions

As a customer of Brown Brothers Auto Body, you will be treated to a courtesy ride to your home or office. In addition, we can assist you in arranging for a rental car. We have negotiated special rates and pick-up procedures with Enterprise and Hertz car rental for our customers.
Our collision repairs come with a limited lifetime warranty.
No. We will be happy to negotiate your claim with the insurance company.
Your estimate should include a thorough inspection of the work to be done on your vehicle, a description of the repair parts to be used, what items your insurance will and will not cover and the expected amount of the repair. One of the reasons estimates may differ from another shop is thoroughness of the appraisal process. Some estimates may leave necessary repairs out of the initial estimate, causing the amount to be different from another facility. At Brown Brothers Auto Body we are thorough to identify the steps necessary for a quality and safe repair for your vehicle.
If the damage to your car is greater than your car’s worth then it is considered to be a “total loss”, and typically should not be repaired. If the loss is being paid for by an insurance company then the insurer is normally required to pay you an amount equal to the car’s value based on the condition it was in prior to the accident. Once a settlement is reached, the insurance company takes possession of the car and you will need to find a replacement vehicle.
The repair process begins with you bringing your vehicle in for an estimate with one of our trained estimators. Brown Brothers Auto Body will work with your insurance agent to process the repair claim. We will then conduct a thorough disassembly of all damaged areas of the vehicle to determine any structural or mechanical damage. Next, we will order the needed parts for your vehicle and then complete the repair. Once the repair is complete, a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior of your vehicle will be conducted to ensure a quality repair.
Because each situation is different there is no standard time period necessary to make repairs. The length of time is dependent on the extent of the damage, availability of parts, and your insurance company’s timeliness. When preparing your estimate we will provide you with an estimated time of completion, and if additional damage is found after teardown, we will contact you to advise of any changes.
When you have an accident, you have the right to determine where you want your vehicle towed and where you to choose to have your vehicle repaired. A high-quality collision repair shop will arrange towing for you, perform high-quality repairs and work with your insurance company.
First, stay calm. If there are injuries, call 911 immediately. Do not move your vehicle, unless you are in immediate danger and it would be safer to get your vehicle in a different location. You should get the name of the persons driving the other vehicles involved along with their phone number, driver’s license, vehicle license and insurance information. Try to obtain any witness’ name and phone numbers. Note the location, time and date. Use your camera phone to take pictures of the scene, vehicle damage and witnesses.
Never drive a car that could be unsafe because of damages. Contact us, and our collision repair experts can assess the damage to your vehicle. We can help determine if it is safe to drive until repairs can be scheduled. We can also assist in rental needs if it is unsafe to drive. In addition, we’ll help guide you through the insurance claim process.
Walk-ins are welcome, although it is best to call ahead so we can advise you of the process and possible wait time.
Brown Brothers Auto Body is open Monday through Friday from 8am-5:30pm and Saturdays from 9am-12pm by appointment only. Please note that we are closed the 1st Saturday of every month.

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